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The Buerger Law Firm seeks Justice for allAreas of Practice

The Buerger Law Firm handles a wide range of cases from felonies and misdemeanors; injunctions, violations of probation, trials and appeals.  From first appearance hearings to complete trials, we can help.

The Buerger Law Firm offers a range of Criminal Defense services, including:
*  Drug Cases                             *  Sex Cases
*  DUI/Traffic Cases                   *  Administrative Hearings
*  Thefts                                    *  Assault/Battery
*  Burglary                                 *  Manslaughter
*  Domestic Violence                  *  Driving on Suspended License
*  Forgeries                                *  Other Crimes
*  Sentencings                            *  Injunctions
*  Violations of Probation/          *  Trials and Appeals
    Community Control                * First Appearance Hearings

We serve Polk County, Highlands County & Hardee County, and offer a free 30-minute initial  consultation for many of  our areas of practice.  If you have a question about your particular case or our representation, give us a call. Feel free to ask about our experience. If we can't help you with your problem, we may be able to provide some guidance, or refer you to a more appropriate source

                       Our Areas of Practice, including felonies and misdemeanors
          (863) 804-0999
  The Buerger Law Firm, P.A.
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